Get Your Teeth Sparkling

In Just 30 Seconds

The World's First Automatic Toothbrush With Ultrasonic Technology

Say Goodbye to your old toothbrush

Hands-Free 360° Ergonomic Mouthpiece

Saves Time, Provides Professional Oral Cleaning

Portable & Easy To Use Design

Fits Around Your Teeth Perfectly




Supercharge Your Dental Hygiene with Vdental pro

Bring Your Smile Everywhere You Go

Get Superior Cleaning with VDental Pro

3 sonic vibration modes

Ultra-sonic vibrations adaptable to each person's sensitivity.

Battery capacity

Long-life rechargeable battery

35,000 soft silicone bristles

The only toothbrush on the market that removes plaque with soft, antibacterial silicone filaments.

Adapts to the jaw

Very soft and flexible, it adapts to the shape of your teeth.

Get Superior Cleaning with UDental Pro

35,000 soft silicone bristles

The only toothbrush on the market that removes plaque with soft, antibacterial silicone filaments.

Adapts to the jaw

Very soft and flexible, it adapts to the shape of your teeth.

3 sonic vibration modes

Ultra-sonic vibrations adaptable to each person's sensitivity.

Battery capacity

Long-life rechargeable battery

Reduced brushing time

Uses the BASS method

Ergonomic design

U-Shaped mouthpiece

Comfortable and easy to use

The Toothbrush of The 21st Century

The Professional Teeth Brusher

VDental Pro was developed by a team of specialists to ensure there’s no pain or sensitivity during or after use. Thanks to its patented Ultra-Vibration technology, this mouthpiece makes 670 brushes in a minute, using 5,000 – 8,000 rapid vibrating movements to deep clean your teeth. Built-in blue LED light completes cleaning by removing stains (coffee, tea...).

The Healthiest Way To Brush Your Teeth

VDental Pro is the world’s first automatic toothbrush with ultrasonic vibrations — making it the biggest advance in oral care in 70 years. The mouthpiece is made of high-quality silicone. Making it up to 10,000x more hygienic than regular nylon toothbrushes.

Highly-Efficient 360° Ergonomic Mouthpiece

The VDental Pro mouthpiece gives optimal pressure and the perfect 360 degrees angle to clean every tooth evenly. Including the hard-to-reach areas along with the gum line.

Save Money and Clean All your Teeth at Once

VDental Pro is the latest economical invention with cleaning and protection power that delivers truly professional results.

Set The Brushing Mode To Your Dental Needs

VDental Pro has 3 optional modes, so it's suitable for everyone. Even if you have very sensitive teeth.

1. Advanced blue LED light
2. Comfortable cleaning mode for gum massage
3. Power brushing mode for deep cleaning

Only Takes 30 Seconds

Built-in blue LED light

Revolutionary 5000 to 8000 Vibrations Per Minute

Ergonomic Mouthpiece - Fits Any Mouth

Quick, Automatic & Very Effective

Long Battery Life

Here's What Makes Vdental Pro Great

VDental Pro is the first automatic toothbrush of the new era, and it’s here to help you with all your oral hygiene needs.

Short Brush Time

Save time by using VDental Pro! You’ll have more free time because it only takes 30 seconds to brush your teeth.


VDental pro uses the recommended toothbrushing method that’s also utilized by professionals for daily oral hygiene.

Deep Cleaning

The VDental Pro doesn’t only clean your teeth. The built-in LED blue light helps remove stains while brushing.

5 (real) reasons to use VDental Pro

  • New brushing technology: The VDental Pro toothbrush has oscillating brush heads that can clean teeth and gums more effectively than manual toothbrushes. This means you can improve your brushing in less time.

  • Easier brushing: VDental Pro is easier to use than manual toothbrushes because you don't have to apply as much pressure to get an effective cleaning. This can be especially helpful if you suffer from sensitivity that make brushing your teeth difficult.

  • Customizable brushing options: VDental Pro offers several brushing options, such as specific cleaning modes for sensitive teeth or stain removal. This means you can customize your brushing experience to your specific needs.

  • A brushing timer: VDental Pro has a built-in brushing timer that helps you stick to the recommended time for a thorough brushing. This can help ensure that you brush your teeth long enough to get an effective cleaning.

  • An investment in your oral health: VDental Pro can be a wise investment in your long-term oral hygiene. It can help prevent oral problems, which can save you money on dental care in the long run.

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Don't take our word for it.

See what our customers say about UDental Pro


I like this product a lot. I have seen these advertised in different places but I finally decided to buy the Original Udental Pro. I have found that it doesn’t brush your teeth perfectly but it does really well on removing stains if you use a tooth paste. 

  • Verified customer


My son's dentist said she's never seen his teeth so clean. I'm going to buy another one because I feel spending less than £50 for super clean teeth is worth it.

  • Verified customer


Purchased this for my father. Was looking for a simpler solution for teeth brushing. The concept is great but the toothpaste choice is key. If you use tube paste, it is very difficult to get it down into the trough it is much easier to use the gel.

  • Verified customer


I needed a new brush and decided to give this a try. And.... What a great product, I do use a brush to apply Toothpaste on my teeth first but I noticed the difference right away. The pick brush is fricken awesome because I don't floss. Battery 🔋 last almost exactly one week between charges.

  • Verified customer


This was a gift for my 11 year old grandson. Who thinks he’s very grown up. He loves it and honestly his teeth look so much better. He enjoys brushing now. It was a fight before.

  • Verified customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about VDental Pro.

Can you put toothpaste on VDental Pro?

Yes, you can! Spread some toothpaste, put it in your mouth and let VDental Pro do it's magic.

I have implants in my mouth, will this loosen up my implants?

The ultrasonic toothbrush is ideal for implants, especially when combined with gentle foam toothpaste. It’ll deep clean even in the gums where toothbrushes usually can’t reach. The ultrasonic vibrations also help to massage your gums, which in turn helps the implants to settle better.

Is VDental pro appropriate for children?

VDental is convenient for adults as well as for children over 10 years old.

Is VDental Pro legit?

Our VDental Pro toothbrush is scientifically created to work with toothpaste to micro-clean your mouth and teeth. This means it'll clean between your teeth and gums. The ultrasonic vibrations and built-in LED light work with the toothpaste to disinfect your mouth, whiten teeth and release plaque.

Is this a replacement for brushing your teeth with a toothbrush or just an addition to it?

VDental Pro is not just something to try once. It should be something you use daily to protect your teeth from tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and teeth discoloration. And also to remove deep-set plaque. In general, the things a normal toothbrush cannot do.

Is this safe for my enamel?

Yes, our ultrasonic toothbrush is safe and gentle. It consists of medical-grade approved materials.

Can I still consume coffee?

Yes, absolutely! Our LED whitening can remove the stains that are caused by these drinks. Drinking water after consuming these will help keep your teeth even whiter and of course, it's best if you can use VDental Pro after you drink these thin.

How do I clean my brush head?

Having a clean toothbrush is important and allows for the most optimal cleaning experience. Here’s how you can best do it: just use some hot water and rinse it. Before and after each brush, run hot water through your bristles. This will help to remove any excess bacteria build-up. The water should be almost steaming.

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